Strana Plus is a Russian based consulting company specializing in overseas property   markets. Strana Plus provides services and professional advice to families and individuals  wishing to purchase property abroad, whether it is for investment or for private use.

Strana Plus specializes in bespoke property search based on Company clients’ requirements. Strana Plus deals with all kind of properties —  residential, cozy cottages in small villages, ancient castles, stylish apartments, luxurious villas,  grand estates and vineyards state-of-the-art houses as well as commercial properties — industrial, offices, enterprises, restaurants etc. The company is well-prepared to provide the highest quality of information regarding types of property ownership in every country and various expenses incurred whilst owning a property.

The company has developed a valuable network consisting of real estate agents, property developers, builders, finance providers, banks, legal advisers, and independent financial advisors – all experts in property markets and every aspect of living abroad who assist us in our work.  Our partnerships enable the Company to deliver a superior level of expertise  and service.

We specialize in certain European countries namely  Italy, France, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, Monaco.


The name for the company Страна Плюс (Strana Plus)  was formed by combining two words ‘strana’ (‘страна’) which literally means “nation” in Russian language and ‘plus’ with an international meaning of something that is an advantage. The combination of the words gets out a message of both new opportunities for clients and dynamics of the company development.