17th century magnificent villa with pool and private park

1900 м2 
Plot of land 60000 м2 


Type of residential property:
Type of commercial property:
1900 м2
Plot of land:
60000 м2


Villa Guardatoia
The name of the property, which has belonged to the same family who built it along with the noble chapel, derives from the medieval term "Wardon" which meant "to be on the lookout", in fact its elevated position allows a wide view on the surrounding plains. The property is located on the border with the Lucca area near the city of Pescia.

The manor house, dating back to the first half of the XVII century, consists of a façade characterized by a row of three windows and a portal in grey sandstone, surmounted by the family crest.
Inside there are rooms furnished and decorated with original elements from the past: library, billiard room, music room, rooms with canopy beds in precious fabrics, tapestries and paintings.

The villa is surrounded by a park composed of a large lawn that opens in front of the property, taking on the appearance of a natural balcony, and from two gardens on both sides of the villa, enclosed by walls and embellished with terracotta statues. The villa itself is located on farmland, olive groves (over 1000 plants ) and vineyards (1ha) with production of vinsanto doc, wine, olive oil.
These productive activities cover maintenance expenses.

The garden on the right is a rose garden, the left one is a classic Italian garden, with a central small pond, flowerbeds and boxwood hedges, creating a breathtaking shaded park. Each garden has its own lemon house. The two gardens are connected through a passageway adorned with camellia and azaleas plants, which opens between the walls and the rear façade of the villa.

On the lawn one finds an old well while on the left is the entrance gate to the grove and the aviary.
The access to the villa is marked by holm oaks and centenary pines.

The estate consists of:
Villa: 950.00 sqm approximately with 8 bathrooms, 12 bedrooms
Cellar, garage, Vinsantaia 420.00 sqm;
Conference room located next to the villa of 100 sqm with kitchen and three bathrooms.
Noble chapel: of about 70.00 sqm;
Swimming pool: 6.00 x 12.00 mt
Olive Grove: About 4.00 hectares;
Vineyard: About 1.50 hectares.
Next to the villa there are a further 2 buildings:
Casa Natalino (in front of the swimming pool):
• Apartment 1 with three double/twin bedrooms, two bathrooms, living room and kitchen + other side entrance with another kitchen
• Apartment 2 with two double rooms, one bathroom, living room and kitchen
• Apartment 3 with two double rooms, one bathroom, living room and kitchen
B&B (above the cellar):
• Studio with double bed, bathroom, kitchenette
• Three double bedrooms, three bathrooms, entrance/breakfast
These 2 buildings are able to obtain an income from the farm and have been around for several decades, with a presence on website, guides etc.


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